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About one week ago, all over the world newspapers brought news about Sarah Jessica Parker doing shopping.

I can totally imagine your reaction: “What’s new? She’s a notorious fashionist, she always appears in pics with huge branded shoppers, wearing huge sunglasses, going in and out expensive boutiques, that’s what she does best! Probably even better than acting!”

She looks indeed like a horse. No discussions about that.

Let me get through with the sentence: she was doing shopping right here, in Rome, and not on posh via Condotti, or in a luxurious Bulgari’s boutique near piazza di Spagna. And no, she was not going to buy neither a horse saddle, nor a pair of reins, not even some hay. Miss Parker has been seen walking around in the via Sannio market, not far from San Giovanni metro station, looking for vintage clothes and bags. Here’s what you might not know: via Sannio is one of two popular roman markets, it’s open every morning, except on sunday, and it’s perfect place where to find second hand clothing, 60’s accessories, and old stage costumes… at an absurdly cheap price.Porta Portese is not just for second hand clothing. You can find a masterpiece if you dig deeply enough...

Instead, if you prefer to go hunting for clothes on sunny sunday, Porta Portese market, in Trastevere, is right place to find vintage and new stuff at cheap prices, military unifom and war memorabilia, antique furnitures and records.

So, since you finally achieved the blessing of our trendy friend Sarah Jessica Parker, you can now vent your passion for second hand market without appearing uncool.

Don’t forget your wallet, and have fun!

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