Learn Italian words: il treno dell’anno, names of the months in Italian

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Learning the names of the months and the seasons in a foreign language often seems a no-brainer, but it’s actually one of the most difficult challenges for a student at a basic level, as it requires a considerable mnemonic effort.

Just as numbers and other basic elements of the Italian vocabulary that require sheer memorization, the names of the months in Italian form part of that lexical material that is sometimes considered as already acquired for a beginner, although it can often cause misunderstandings and confusion especially for learners of non-Indo-European mother tongue.

In order to assist our Italian language students in the effort of learning Italian words like those, a winning strategy can be resorting to… le filastrocche (the Italian for “rhymes”)!

As often happens, in fact, texts devised for children come to be very useful also for helping adult students which are beginners in Italian language.

With no further ado let’s see, in this brand new infographic, the names of the months in Italian, on the notes of a famous song for children: il treno dell’anno!


And while we’re at it, let’s complete this new set of Italian words with the Italian names of the seasons:

  • La primavera va dal 21 marzo al 21 giugno
  • L’estate va dal 22 giugno al 22 settembre
  • L’autunno va dal 23 settembre al 21 dicembre
  • L’inverno va dal 22 dicembre al 20 marzo.

And now that you know how to set a date in Italian, you can move on to our infographic about weather conditions in Italian: enjoy!

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