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Colors are the most wonderful display of diversity, and when it comes to learning a new language they might be a tough challenge for beginner students.

For all those who are trying to learn Italian language and are struggling to memorize Italian words for colors, our Italian language school in Rome has prepared a new infographic that can also be printed and cut out as a set of flashcards!


Now that you have all the tools to learn Italian words used to name colors, let’s go on with some Italian grammar tips!

Color names in Italian can be used both as nouns and as adjectives:

Quest'anno va di moda il viola.

The fact that viola is a noun is marked by the presence of the article.

Per San Valentino mi hanno regalato dei fiori verdi e rossi.

In this case the Italian words verdi and rossi stand as adjectives, following fiori‘s gender and number.

Nothing odd, so far. Some Italian words for colors, though, are indeclinabile: specifically, this applies to the color names that are monosyllabic (e.g. blu) and to those which are also used as flower names (lilla, rosa, viola).

La macchina di Antonio è blu.
Ho comprato un paio di scarpe blu.
Il fenicottero è un uccello rosa.
La cameretta di Maria ha le pareti rosa.

Need more practice? Click here to test your knowledge of the colour names in Italian!

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