Learn Italian Words: l’espresso e la moka!

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Coffee in Italy is an art, and this is true whether you think of moka coffee or of the espresso.

Being so renown, Italian espresso has been exported throughout the world in different variations, some of which have been standardized and branded, diverging much from tradition. This is exactly the reason why you cannot expect to get anything more than a glass of milk when ordering a latte in Italy, or you will get strange looks from people around you if you order your cappuccino after noon. In addition to this, the Italian espresso tradition is far more complex than most people think, as Italians seem to be very imaginative when it comes to flavor up their bar-made coffee.

To set the record straight about the myriad of variations on the theme of coffee, we have prepared a new inforgraphic to learn Italian words related to the world of espresso, complete with instructions to prepare your own coffee using an Italian moka machine!

learn italian words espresso

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