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Whether you are a millennial or a child of the 80s, in your efforts to learn Italian language you have surely stumbled upon the Italian words used to name both new and old media.

Now, although Italians have been accused of being excessively xenophilous when it comes to neologisms related to new technologies, you will observe that the biggest part of this chunk of Italian vocabulary actually consists in Italian words. The reason is easy to understand, at least for those words directly or indirectly related to the old media – words that had time to acclimate in the Italian vocabulary and that entered in the use in a period when the influence of English language wasn’t that consistent. When it comes to new media, instead, the incidence of native Italian words get more and more flebile, but we can still observe pockets of resistance in cases such as “scaricare” for “downloading” and “navigare” for “surfing”.

So, without further ado, here’s our infographic containing a selection of Italian words (together with some Italian verbs) related to new and old media. Enjoy and share! <3

Italian words media

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