Learn Italian Basics: Interjections in Italian Language!

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Just like in any other language (or maybe more than any other language…) the Italian language has its fair amount of words used uniquely to express feelings with an extra amount of energy.

This set of words (or phrases) are called interjectionsalso known as an exclamation, and are generally used to show happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, excitement or enthusiasm without having to build up a whole Italian sentence. The sheer nature of these words\expressions implies that interjection is mainly a feature of the spoken language, as it is not depending on the syntax of the words surrounding it and it is invariable. However, we can find Italian interjections also in written texts, where they stand as a means to color the language with a touch of expressivity.

The following infographic is a quick guide to this particular set of Italian words: enjoy!

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