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This is an article for all those expats who live in Italy.

For if you have moved across a country, then I’m sure you all can understand the itch to keep traveling, because it doesn’t matter, young or old we all want to see the world. I’ve recently had an itch to go to to Spain, and so I’ve started researching cheap ways to get around Europe, because I am a poor college student. All the companies that I researched are going to be compared on the cost of just transportation to Spain. So without further ado, here is what I have found, all the cheaper ways to get around Europe, at your convenience so you don’t have to spend hours researching like I did.

We are going to start with planes first because unlike boats or trains, they are the fastest way to get somewhere far away like a different country. Bear in mind that I have to freedom to go and come back when I choose so those of you with a lot of appointments or responsibilities might find that having to schedule specific dates might find these prices to be a bit higher then my research.

Up first, Ryanair. This flight company is actually pretty famous so you may have already heard of it, but it usually offers cheap flights just about anywhere in Europe and recently has improved their service. I choose a flight that would take me to spain on a Wednesday and return me to Rome on a saturday and it cost 53.18. That, however, was just the flight. If you want to add bags, you add extra onto that. This site is nice because it is easy to use and you can not only get cars and hotels, but also transportation to a hotel and such.

Vueling is our next contender. I was able to plan a trip from Rome to Madrid and back again with three days in Madrid. This cost me a total of 87.53 but I believe this includes bags and such. It’s a fairly easy sight to use, and while the cost might be a bit more, it’s definitely still cheap.

Air Berlin. This one isn’t as cheap as the other two, it’s actually quite a lot more so I was debating with myself if i should mention it at all, however, for those of you that might be here and actually have money incoming, this might be a nice alternative for a high priced plane ticket. The same trip that I planned for Vueling was 306.65 euros for one adult to travel to Madrid for 3 days. This one is definitely more pricey than the other two, but I would assume it would be a more comfortable ride over? I’m not sure because I haven’t taken this particular airline before.

While there are others, such as EasyJet, Pegasus (this one only goes to Turkey and Greece apparently) German Wings (This one found me Ryanair flights), and Blue Express (This one doesnt go everywhere, so I would check to see if it goes where you want it too) and Air One. I had some trouble with Air One, but maybe my computer just doesn’t like that website. 🙁

So there you have it folks, those are most of the cheaper airlines. If you know of any more, or want to comment about better prices, then please feel free! We would love to hear from you!

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