‘Cause nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain…

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Guns N’ Roses used to sing this in 1992, but what do Italians really think about the pouring rain (“water bombs” for the always creative italian newspapers) that flooded the Belpaese in these recent days?

On July 2014 the newspaper La Stampa published an article written by psychiatrist Michele Cucchi, in which it was convincingly explained that rain makes Italians anxious and depressed due to a natural tendency: in fact jumps in temperature, grey and rainy days as well as the darkness of a winter sky can induce depression just as pressure lowering can do.

But rather than being depressed, Italians, and Romans in particular, seem utterly angry about inefficiency in public transportation, emergency school closures, hellish traffic jams and flooded streets and metro stations. It is commonly said that in Rome two drops of rain are capable to drive the entire city completely nuts, but the real problem is italians are not used to pouring rain and storms brought by this global weirding of our times.

Italy has always been renowned for its sunny and warm days and mild winters, and Italians (both the population and the estabilishment) are having a very hard time to get used to this new, weird tropical version of their own country. Bright side of the story is you can know experience the Monsoon season while admiring the Colosseum, instead having to plan a trip to India!

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