Supplì: a rice surprise

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Hail to the King.

One delight you definitely cannot miss when in Rome is the traditional supplì.

Along with Baccalà fritto and fiore di zucca, this inviting rice ball filled with tomato sauce, melted mozzarella and (in most cases) ragù called supplì is the most known and appreciated antipasto in every roman pizzeria worthy of the name. Even its name, coming from the french word surprise (referring to the heart of melted cheese hidden in the center of the rice ball) and cleverly twisted and abbreviated in the current form, suggests an experience which is nearer to wonder than to the simple appreciation of a traditional dish.

Every single pizza shop, from the small pizza al taglio to the best pizzeria in Rome, offers its variety of this plumpy deliciousness. It is important to untangle the maze when it comes to such a big variety of choices: the online magazine Agrodolce offers a selection of the 10 best places in Rome where you can taste the king of roman street food at its best.

La classifica dei 10 migliori supplì di Roma

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