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Someone says that, in this puzzling era where reality is augmented, people share posts rather than experience and everything travels on top of a optical cable, memes will be the foundation of the upcoming digital culture.

Although Italy (or at least part of it) seems to be somehow refractory to widespread technological innovation (see picture), memes about italianity are actually quite common on the internet. Pages like Original Italian Memes are indeed offering collections of Italy-related memes, and a simple Google search can open the doors to a universe of (sometimes idiotic) interpretations of Italian Language and Culture.


Italian Food

Being products of popular culture, memes often aim to mock renowned peculiarities of a specific culture. And I can bet everything I own that the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Italy and Italians is food. Although some food originally considered italian has somehow turned into world heritage (Pizza and Nutella, anyone?), there is still roomfor originality, as in the Latte Art, an elegant extension of the Cappuccino culture, category or in those memes who parody the irreducible affection that italian families have for anything related to food and eating.

Gorgeous, but NEVER after midday!

As my grandma used to say: “t’è abbastato?” (“did you have enough?”). Regardless of the answer, I would get more food.

Probably not food at all, if you ask me…

True, there’s also pasta.

Italian Family

Another thing peculiar with Italy is, of course, family structure. In particular, nonni and nonne are privileged subjects of very funny and sweet memes, preferably realized in the US or in Australia, where the descendants of Italian immigrants are still holding on to some of their traditions.

Not even in AUGUST.

Gosh, this really makes me think of my beloved grandpa (except for the chinotto – he was more into wine).

This is so true I can actually picture the scene in my mind.

Italian Language

Aaaand eventually we have reached our area of expertise! I am actually surprise by how many memes there are out there about Italian language – especially related to italian gestures. Needless to say, if you need material to create more memes like this you should sign up **instantly** to one of our Italian Language Courses in Rome!

Mmmm… no (btw you are doing it wrong).

That would be so badass. We strongly encourage you to do it at our school.

Probably both.

No, but they sound really good!

Tourism in Italy

These are really funny, especially for people who are living in Rome or in any other major Italian city. Main target is, as you can imagine, the often innocent stupidity that takes over in each and every human being when heshe plays the role of the tourist (especially the English-speaking one).

And now I dare you to say that government in Italy doesn’t work…

Basically puts a vowel at the end-a of-a each-a word-a (learn more about Italian pronunciation by clicking here).

Before seeing this, I used to hate those pics in front of that poor, deformed and abused tower.

Good point mate!

Italian Economy

Let’s admit it: Italian economy is just a mess. Actually, after the big Brexit earthquake, whole Europe is shaking while trying to collect the pieces of EU economy. Perfect subject for memes, isn’t it?

It is NSFW and we are actually very ashamed of fact that his guy has been our prime minister, but still people find it funny…

Italian sports

Here you’ll get exactly what you expect: lots of football-related memes! We play it dirty, but we can also play it funny.

Summer dance!

Dear Zinedine, we will always be thankful for this.

So much Balotelli, so little time…

Italian Cinema and art

We as Italians gave so much to art history and to the movie industry, that would be simply unfair not to receive anything back, at least in the form of a meme.

Italian Spiderman: not even remotely Italian, but still gorgeous.

A collection of Leonardo’s “Last Supper” parodies, some of which are really clever!

If you get this, you deserve an A+ in Italian History.

Stereotypes about Italy

If you think about it each and every one of those category contained a fair dose of stereotype which is a common strategy human beings use to understand reality. But sometimes stereotypes become either ridiculous or offensive, and yet a good occasion to build up a successful meme, as you know the internet too is both ridiculous and sometimes deeply offensive.

SUPER-MARIO-IS-ACTUALLY-JAPANESE – like some of your overpaid tattoos.

This is wrong in so many ways…

The accent of this guy sounds more like french or something… Funny anyway!

And that’s all! If you have any suggestion or got angry about something you find in this article, feel free to load the comment section with your own rants! Alla prossima!

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