Du iu spik Inglisc? – A short guide to the italian politicians trying to speak English

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There is undoubtedly plenty of awful things in the world: just think about war, famine, racism, religious hate… and I could go on forever. It seems almost impossible to draw up a chart when it comes to the horrors we are exposed to each and every day. Nevertheless, today I am here to tell you that there is one very ugly thing which is by far the worst tragedy a human being can experience.

I am obviously talking about Italian politicians who try to speak English.

Politics in Italy are far from being a serious matter: anyone working as a reporter for any major international newspaper could confirm that. Political arguments in Italy often end up in nasty brawls (not only verbal), and Italians are pretty used to the so called macchina del fango (“mud machine”), a strategy any party scoundrel can use to demolish their political opponent. But even though the political scene resembles more a circus rather than a consortium of enlightened men committed to the achievement of the common good, major Italian politicians often try to act as if they had really studied and as if they could speak face to face with the Powermen around the world.

But let’s take a look to the most common examples of this very embarrassing skill of italian politicians:

Silvio Berlusconi – How could we start without mentioning the Italian king of face-palms? You might already know his resume as an internationally acclaimed clown, but click and hear how fluently he interacts with another leading mind of the western world, George W. Bush (which by the way seems to enjoy the performance), and how easily he mixes up the sound “t” and the sound “s” (he does it in Italian too):

Clemente Mastella – The infamous godfather of UDC (a conservative catholic party), Clemente Mastella, is offering us an astounding example of code-switching: see how he uses both italian and english substandards to get out of a diplomatic crisis…

Ignazio La Russa – Famous for his scary looks, his horrendous voice, his thick Sicilian accent and his violent past, Mr. La Russa has also some surprisingly good skill in verbally attacking foreign journalists… with a very intimidating smile.

Francesco Rutelli – Folks, this is pure legend. No comment needed: just consider that this man has been major of the city of Rome and a candidate for Prime Ministry. Pliis…

Gianni Pittella – Wait… has this guy been seating on the European Parliament’s Vice Presidency chair? Really?


Matteo Renzi – Continuing an old and glorious tradition, the current Prime Minister has been caught babbling something that might resemble English Language during an international conference in Venice. The result is simply hilarious, but has also some kind of musicality…

Sad but true, these people represent Italy’s leading class. And let me assure you, if you could hear them speaking in Italian, you’d think they should take nos only a full immersion English Course, but also an Italian Language Course for absolute beginners

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